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Web content display portlet is not properly published in specific use-cases when upgraded from 7.0



      Reproduction steps:

      1. Set up a 7.0 portal on de-80 fix-pack level (needs to be a version that does not include  LPS-81953 )
      2. Create a new site
      3. Activate staging with default settings
      4. Create new structure with a link to page. Add a dummy template to it.
      5. Create two pages: "a" and "b"
      6. Using the structure create a new article. In the link to page select page "b".
      7. Place the new article in web content display portlets onto both pages
      8. Make a publication to Live.
      9. Verify that the publication is correct, and both pages on the Live site shows the web content
      10. Shut down the instance
      11. Upgrade the DB to 7.2
      12. Start the upgraded 7.2 portal
      13. Go to the site --> Staging and publish both pages.

      Expected result: Both pages "a" and "b" shows the right web content
      Actual result: The web content display on page "b" shows an error message instead of the content:

      The selected web content no longer exists.


      • Before LPS-81953 , The articleIds of live and staging instances were different. After that fix, the articleIds are the same in live and staging.
      • The wrong articleId is set in JournalContentExportImportPortletPreferencesProcessor.processImportPortletPreferences(..). It basically falls back to the original articleId coming from the LAR file. This accidentally works, when these IDs are the same in staging and live. Otherwise the ID will be invalid.
      • The root cause is in the order of imports. This configuration starts importing the article first, but it references to a Layout, that references back to the display portlet and the article. This means that the article is not imported correctly yet, when JournalContentExportImportPortletPreferencesProcessor tries to set it.


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