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Filter file types when uploading files from item selector



      As a user

      I want that the item selector allows to upload only files compatible with the type I'm seeing

      so that I don't upload files that I can't select afterwards


      Check all interactions with the addition of the "+" button in the item selector, such as: does it make sense to have file upload or multiple file upload?

      Options Currently available for the item selector

      • File Upload
      • Multiple Files Upload
      • Folder
      • Repository 
      • Shortcut
      • Google Drive Shortcut
      • External Video Shortcut

      Design Proposal

      The main purpose of the item selector is to select and eventually have a fast upload of the assets.
      Including the plus button also brought other options (such as the repository) that could be very hard to manage from an item selector.

      Why we're taking away some of the options:

      File Upload: this action can be executed from the drag and drop feature, the select button and from the plus button.
      Multiple Files Upload: this option would add more complexity to the item selector, requires more definition and eventually, it would better to allow the multiple upload from the drag and drop directly, instead of a complex option. 
      Repository: Adding the possibility of creating repositories from the item selector will increase the complexity of the item selector.
      Shortcut: This action allows to view an original document through a shortcut, in our case we're giving access directly to the original asset placed in documents & media or a repository.

      Final Design

      Figma Mockup

      Item selector: Image
      Limit the options to File Upload and Folder

      Item Selector: Video
      Limit the options to File UploadFolder and External Video Shortcut

      Item Selector: Documents
      Limit the options to File UploadFolder and Google Drive Shortcut

      Test Scenarios

      ID Test Priority Test Scenarios Covered by Backend (Unit/Integration)? Test to add
       1.1  3 Only the "File Upload" and "Folder" options display in the action list when the item selector is used to add images. No Manual
       1.2  3 Only the "File upload", "Folder" and "External Video Shortcut" options display in the action list when the item selector is used to add videos. No Manual 
       1.3  3 Only the "File Upload", "Folder" and "External Video Shortcut" options display in the action list when the item selector is used to add a document No Manual 
       1.4  3 The "Google Drive Shortcut" option will be displayed in the action list of the item selector when adding a shortcut after enabling Google Drive No Manual


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