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After upgrading from 6.1 or 6.2 to DXP 7.0, Wiki pages have the wrong portlet ID in URLs that are embedded in the content


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    • DXP SP15
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      Issue description:
      Customer upgraded their Liferay instance from 6.1.10 EE to 7.0 DXP, going through 6.2 EE.

      After the upgrade the URLs within Wiki pages that point to other Wiki pages in different Wiki nodes are still using the ID 54 for Wiki Display portlet instead of the new one - com_liferay_wiki_web_portlet_WikiDisplayPortlet.

      When the user clicks on such a link she is redirected to the page with the Wiki display portlet, but the portlet itself shows the front page instead of the one from the URL.

      The URL looks something like this:

      And according to customer should look something like this:


      Steps to reproduce:
      (in order to keep things as simple, I started the upgrade from 6.2, where the ID of the prtlet is still 54. The problem is where we upgrade from 6.2 to 7.0)

      0. Vanilla 6.2 SP20
      1. Create a site called mywiki and 2 private pages - Albanian, English
      2. Create 2 new wikis (2 nodes, so to say) - Albanian and English - with a main/front page each
      3. On the Albanian and English pages put the Wiki Display portlet
      4. Configure the Wiki Display portlet instances to show their Wiki nodes - on Albanian page the Albanian node and on the English page the English node (and the main/front page of the nodes)
      5. Add a page called Drop-in in the English and the Albanian node with some dummy text.
      6. go to the English page where the English Wiki node is displayed and open the Wiki page for Drop-in. Copy the URL from the browser's address bar.
      7. go to the Albanian page where the Albanian Wiki node is displayed; open the Wiki page for Drop-in. Edit it and add a link with the URL you copeid to the clipboard. Publish.
      Checkpoint - the URL uses portlet ID 54, and when you click on it, you are taken to the English page, and the Drop-in wiki page is displayed in the portlet.
      8. Upgrade to 7.0 (I used an SP15 bundle)
      9. Log in to the newly upgraded instance of the portal and visit the mywiki site. Go to the Albanian page and to the Drop-in wiki page in the portlet. Click on the link to the link that points to the English Drop-in.
      RESULT: the link takes the user to the English page, but it displays the node's front page in the portlet.
      EXPECTATION: the link takes the user to the English page and shows the Drop-in Wiki page. (like in 6.2, from where we started off)

      Customer mentioned that they would like a solution that would not involve having to do the upgrade again. ("What would be the best way to resolve this issue? Note that we cannot run migration again.")




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