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Support having Parameters for Collection Providers configuration




      Collection Providers allow platform developers to define programmatically a source of information items for a specific type. These provides can be used by page creators to display such list of items through the Collection Display fragment, the Asset Publisher widget or via a custom mechanism.

      Currently, Collection Providers cannot be parameterized by the page creators. That is, they can select a specific Collection Provider and that determines the list of items that will be displayed. However, in some case it is desirable to control certain aspects such as the order of the items ("most viewed", "related", "top ranked" or "by Date") or the number of retrieve from an external system. In these cases these options can only be supported by implementing a different Collection Provider for each desired set of parameters. This can lead to having many similar Collection Providers and it's not very user friendly.

      To provider better support for this need, this epic will introduce the possibility to create Collection Providers that can be parameterized. The developer of the Collection Provider can decide which configuration parameters it supports (if any).

      The Collection Display fragment will also be improved to leverage Configurable Collection Providers. Whenever a configurable collection provider is chosen by the page creator, the provider parameters will be shown as a form, right next to the collection select, displaying the available options.


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