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Alloy Editor Context Bar Appears Off Screen When Using Ctrl+A to Select All Text


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    • 7.3.10 DXP GA1
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      Alloy Editor's dark context bar with the text tools is appearing off the bottom of the browser view port when editing paragraph fragments in Content Pages page editor.

      The problem appears to be with large amounts of text if that text runs off the bottom of the viewport, pressing Ctrl+A on the keyboard to select all the text presents Alloy Editors bar at the bottom of the last section of this text.

      1) Add a content page, to it add a container and a grid fragment
      2) Add a paragraph fragment, with enough text that the text flows off screen
      3) Publish
      4) Re-edit, double click the paragraph fragment to bring up Alloy Editor
      5) Use Ctrl+A to select all the text, dark bar hasn't appeared
      6) Press Ctrl+D to deselect and select one word by double click
      7) Bar Appears
      8) Repeat step 5, and scroll to bottom of page
      9) Bar appears

      Bar to appear where the cursor position is

      Bar appears at the bottom of the last part of the text (off screen). This presents bad UX to the user and enhances user frustration with the product, ultimately building on a perception of the product not being completely finished.


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