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Fragment texts on sites created based on the site template are overwritten on first editing of the page.



      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Set up DXP 7.2 with the latest fix pack and start it
      2. Go to Control Panel --> Configuration --> Instance Settings --> Localization and add en_GB (UK English) to the Current Available languages.
      3. Go to Control Panel --> Sites --> Site Templates and create a Site Template and add to it a Content Page.
      4. In the Content Page go to the "Section Builder" on the right side, click on "Basic Components" and add one Header.
      5. On the upper left you will see the language flag, select the en_UK and add some text in the Header.
      6. Switch to the German language and add some text to Header then publish the Page.
      Checkpoint: Now if you switch between languages you will see the text relevant to these languages.
      7. Go to Control Panel --> Sites --> Sites --> and create a Site from the Site Template above.
      8. Go to Site Settings of the Site --> Languages --> Set en_GB as the default language and leave en_GB & de_DE as the current available languages and move the rest to the right box (Available languages).
      9. Go to the Content Page of the Site --> Edit and check the Header.
      Checkpoint: They are still OK.
      10. Switch to German and change the text of the Header.
      11. Switch back to en_GB

      Actual Result: The text saved as a draft for locale en_GB is lost and you have to fill in the text as if it is a new Header.

      Expected Result: The text saved as a draft should remain as it is for the locale when we change the text for another one.




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                Version Package
                7.2.10 DXP FP11
       DXP SP4
                7.3.10 DXP FP1
       DXP SP1