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As Web Content Admin, I want to manage the structures' translations




      Today, it is not possible to delete a translation from our localization component, this makes the user not be able to undo something that he/she created. In DDM, we had the possibility of deleting an entire translation, once that the component was based in adding new translation in tabs, letting the user delete when necessary. With the new component in Data Engine this is not possible anymore, that's why we must add this feature to give more flexibility to our users.

      The reason why this is important is, when a user is on Web Content, they have their own way to delete those translations, but not in other clients of DE, as App Builder and Forms in the future. So, once we provide this enhacement on DE, all clients will be having the same consistent bahavior.



      Acceptance Criteria

      1- Given a user in web content structures,
      When adding a new language from the translation manager,
      Then this language must be available for the structure as "not translated"

      2- Given a user in web content structures,
      When deleting a translation from the translation manager,
      Then the translations from that language should be deleted from the structure

      3- Given a user in web content structures,
      When deleting the currrently selected language from the available ones,
      Then the builder should show the default one

      4- Given a user in web content structures,
      When creating a new structure,
      Then the user should only see the default language available in the language selector

      Definition of Done (DoD):

      • All Acceptance Criteria were passed;
      • Make sure that the expected automated tests were created (unit / integration / functional) and passed successfully;
      • Verify if the test labels were added;
      • Code with peer review completed;
      • Validated by QA, Product Designer and/or PM;
      • No critical bug related to Story scope (ex.: similar of FP4, FP5);
      • Make sure that all system documentation were updated (if necessary)
      • Make sure that it has the extensions points needed to allow GS and customers to customize the feature (If applicable)


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