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Last portlet configuration not restorable after deleting portlet.



      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Create a site
      2. Go to Publishing --> Staging and enable local staging (or remote) + "Page Versioning" enabled on Public Pages and "Staged Content" you can select "Web Content" or all.
      3. Go Site Builder --> Public Pages --> and add a widget Page.
      4. On the Page place a Web Content Display Portlet by clicking "+" from the upper right corner.
      5. Click on "+" on the Portlet and add basic web content.
      6. Click on Portlet's 3 dot menu and select "Look and Feel Configuration" --> Border Styles
      7. Under Border Width add to the Right border 100 px, Under Border Style --> Right --> Select "Solid" from the drop-down menu and under Border Color Right --> select Red (or any color) color then save and refresh the Page.
      8. Repeat Step 7 but for the Left border and the color can be Green then save and refresh the Page.
      9. Remove the Web Content Display Portlet from the Portlet menu.
      10. On the upper right beside "Publish to Live" click the 3 dot menu and select "History".
      11. On the popup find the Current Version (this is usually the one on the top of the list) and click the 3 dot menu and Delete it.

      Expected result: The previous Web Content Display Portlet with the content and border configuration is restored.

      Actual Result: The Portlet appears without the border configuration and the content is missing. No error in the log.


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                  Version Package
                  7.2.10 DXP FP14
         DXP SP5
                  7.3.7 CE GA8
                  7.3.10 DXP FP2
                  7.4.1 CE GA2 DXP 7,4
                  7.4.13 DXP GA1