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Enable unlocalizable values in Data Engine taglib




      With the migration of WEM from DDM to DE, we need to make sure that this change is as imperceptible as possible to our clients.

      At first, it did not seem to be important for the users to define a field as localizable or not, but after receiving feedback from our customers, we realize that is important for international companies.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1- Given component from Liferay,
      when levaraging on Data Engine,
      then the developers must be able to set the Localizable configuration in the UI on or off

      • By default the value is off
      • This field setting must visible in the UI for WEM and D&M for now

      2- Given an admin user using a component from the previous AC,
      when creating a structure,
      then I should be able to set, in the UI, a field as localizable or not.

      3- Given an admin user,
      when setting a field as non localizable,
      then the value of the field must only be editable in the default language

      • The field in the other languages other than the default must be disabled

      4- Given a user,
      when creating a field in any circustance,
      then the default value for the localizable setting of the field is always on

      • This must happen for components that has this setting in the UI or not

      Definition of Done (DoD):

      • All Acceptance Criteria were passed;
      • Make sure that the expected automated tests were created (unit / integration / functional) and passed successfully;
      • Verify if the test labels were added;
      • Code with peer review completed;
      • Validated by QA, Product Designer and/or PM;
      • No critical bug related to Story scope (ex.: similar of FP4, FP5);
      • Make sure that all system documentation were updated (if necessary)
      • Make sure that it has the extensions points needed to allow GS and customers to customize the feature (If applicable)


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