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Form Data Provider requests are being rejected



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to Control Panel > Configuration > System Settings > Data Providers and enable "Access Local Network"
      2. Also enable "Access Local Network" in Control Panel > Configuration > Instance Settings > Data Providers
      3. Go to Control Panel > Configuration > Server Administration and on the Log levels tab set WARN for com.liferay.dynamic.data.mapping.data.provider.internal.DDMDataProviderInvokerImpl and DEBUG for com.liferay.dynamic.data.mapping.form.field.type.internal.DDMFormFieldOptionsFactoryImpl
      4. Configure a Data provider for country names: Go to Content & Data > Forms > Data Providers and fill in the following:
        Name: Countries of the World
        URL: http://localhost:8080/api/jsonws/country/get-countries/
        Username: admin email address ([email protected])
        Password: admin password (test)
        Outputs: Label: Country Name, Path: $..nameCurrentValue, Type: List
      5. Go to the Forms tab and add a new form with a Text field.
      6. Enable Autocomplete for this field. Select "From Data Provider", choose Countries of the World as Data Provider and Country Name as output parameter
      7. Publish the form and place it on a Page with Form widget
      8. Refresh this page several times (e.g. Press and hold F5, for example)

      Actual behavior

      On some occasions the below warning is thrown in the log (please find full warning message attached) and autocomplete does not give suggestions
      WARN [http-nio-8080-exec-3][DDMDataProviderInvokerImpl:78] Unable to invoke DDM Data Provider instance ID 35320

      Expected behavior

      No warning in the log and options for autocomplete are shown below the text box

      I was able to reproduce this behavior by following the steps listed above. However, the behavior is inconsistent, the warning is not always thrown and sometimes despite receiving the warning autocomplete still works as expected.

      The customer has suggested changing the user name in Data Provider details (step 4) and using only "test" instead of "[email protected]". However, I was still able to reproduce the warning message in the log.


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