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Fragment Collection does not take Variations (Collection) into account



      If a collection has variations, those variations are never take into account when using the Collection through a Fragment Collection OOTB

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a segment, no matter what type. For example a Segment of people that belong to a particular Role (ej. Adminstrator). Name it "Admins"
      2. Create a Basic Web Content
      3. Create another Basic Web Content and Tag it with "Tag1" (the tag is not important is just a way of creating some test data)
      4. Create a Collection, a Dynamic Collection
      5. For the Anyone choose Web Content Article as Item Type and Basic Web Content as SubItem Type. Save it
      6. Create a New Personalized Variation and choose the Segment created on step 1
      7. For this Variation choose Web Content Article as Item Type and Basic Web Content as SubItem Type. Also choose "Tag1" under Filter (Contains all of the following Tags). Save it
      8. Acknowledge that if you click on the three dots near the name of each Collection variation (Anyone // Admins) you see different results (two web contents for Anyone; just one web content (The one tagged) to Admins)
      9. Create a New Content Page. Add a Collection Display Fragment and map it to the Collection created on step 4. Drag a Heading in the collection display and map it to the Title field. Publish the page
      10. View the page and use the Simulation tool that is situated at the right top. Check "Admins" for segment

      Expected result:
      The page just shows BWC2 as this is the one that corresponds to the Admins variation for the Collection

      Actual result:
      The page shows the same contents, no matter the segment.

      Side Note: you can also add an Asset Publisher in the page, attach it to the Collection and check that all this behaviour works with Asset Publisher, so the problem might be just on the fragment collection


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