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Users with UPDATE permission for all sites cannot select a parent site they do not administrate




      When attempting to modify a site's parent site as a sudo-admin user (a user with all permissions explicitly granted to the entire portal through a custom regular role), The user is able to modify almost every aspect of the site except for it's parent site.  They cannot assign the site's parent unless they are members of the site they want to be the parent.

      Since the user has UPDATE permissions for every site in the portal, being a site member shouldn't be a requirement as well.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Login as admin user
      2. Create the following custom role (test role).  You can assign any and all permissions, but these are the minimum
        Portal: Add Site
        Portal: View Control Panel Menu
        Settings > Site: Update
        Settings > Site: View
        Sites: Access in Control Panel
      1. Add a user (named user1) with only custom role(test role)
      2. Navigate to Control Panel > Sites > Sites
      3. Create some sites
      4. From the option menu of one of the sites, select "Go to Site Settings"
      5. Click Parent site: Select
        →The sites that can be selected as the parent site are displayed (OK)
      6. Login as user1
      7. Navigate to Control Panel > Site > Site
      8. Three-dot button on the right side of any site > Go to Site Settings
      9. Click Parent site: Select

      Actual result
      The user has permission "Settings> Site: View" and "Settings> Site: Update" but no site is displayed.

      Expected result
      All selectable sites are displayed.

      Reproduced in
      72x Commit: e0386d24c6a6c0425878cb1c1322f57f3da7f4be
      Master Commit: 7760114c1418a7ee053d304ab8556e423a68d45d




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                Version Package
                7.2.10 DXP FP13
                7.3.7 CE GA8
                7.3.10 DXP FP2
                7.4.0 CE GA1 DXP 7,4
                7.4.13 DXP GA1