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As a person upgrading, I would like to get a report after an upgrade



      Right now it is a bit hard to analyze the results of an upgrade based on the logs. Sometimes there missing upgrades due to unsatisfied references or it is not easy to detect problems just looking at the logs.

      Also, upgrade tickets require collecting a lot of information so this report can be useful as a way to reduce diagnosing times.


      • Develop a standalone logic (probably an OSGi module) that offers:
        • An API to register events (we can store those events in memory until we create the repo). This API has to be agnostic so it can be used for other reports in the future. For example:
          • Register upgrade (class, initTime, finalTime, duration)
          • RegisterError (class, exception)
          • RegisterWarning(class, message)
        • An API or way to trigger the generation of the upgrade report. Before generating the report we should collect some useful information first such as:
          • Type and version of the database
          • Size of every table (at least number of records)
          • Size of the DL Folder
          • Important properties for the upgrade: dl.store.impl (and check if the rootDir in OSGi config was defined), locales.enabled, locales, etc.
      • We should have a way to disable the entire logic (API calls and report generation) via properties or OSGi config
      • If for one reason the module or API is not available, we should not stop the execution of the upgrade process


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