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Editing an Asset from a Display Page - incorrect result on Save/Cancel



      When an asset is displayed through a Display Page Template it is possible to edit that asset directly from the edit (pencil) icon in the top bar.

      Expected Behaviour:

      • In 7.2 when the user exited (i.e. Published their changes, cancelled without saving) they were returned to the view of the asset in its Display Page
      • This behaviour is expected in 7.3

      Actual Behaviour:

      • The user is returned to the page they accessed the Display Page from
      • An additional parameter is added to the URL:
      • Any navigation menu on the page is presented using the default template (Bar Minimally Styled)

      It is believed that it is the portletResource parameter that is causing the problem - simply by removing this the default presentation of the page is restored (either by editing the URL or navigating back to the page via the menu)

      Steps to reproduce in a fresh install:

      • Create a Display Page Template
      • Add a Fragment (e.g. Heading) and map it to Basic Web Content - select Title, and (if you want!) another to display the Content
      • Mark this as the Default for Basic Web Content
      • Add a Basic Web Content Article
      • Add a Page (makes it easier to see what is going on with the Navigation Menu)
      • Change the default Navigation Widget to use any widget template other than "Bar Minimally Styled"
      • Deploy Asset Publisher onto the new page (no config needed)
      • View the page, select the content article from Asset Publisher (click the title).  This will display in the Display Page Template
      • Edit the article from the Pencil icon (note - you can edit either the article or the DPT from this icon - choose your article title)
      • Make some changes to your content and click "Publish"
      • Note that you are not viewing the article in its display page any more, but are viewing the new page you added, and with the navigation menu returned to default display

      Note that this is much more visually impactful with many pages - and in a hierarchy - but the above steps do display the issue.


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