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Ability to configure Web Content (ddm-journal-article) field in a Web Content Structure to limit user selection to a single article type


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      Web Content Structures can be created to allow users to link an article directly to another Web Content Article using the "Web Content" (ddm-journal-article) field type.

      This is a valuable field as there are situations when linking to an article in this way (rather than via "Related Assets") is needed.

      However, currently there is no way of constraining what article or article type the content author can link to - they can select any article that is available to them.

      This is a limitation because in many cases the article designer will want authors to link to a specific type of content.

      For example, we have a library of Demo Assets (a web content type) and each of these has a Contributor.  We have a secondary type (Demo Contributor) which has the user name as its title, and stores their email address and slack ID.  Doing things this way ensures that we only have to keep track of this information once, but many assets can be added for that contributor.

      It would be extremely useful if it was possible when designing the structure to "map" the Web Content field to one (or more) specific web content structure(s).

      It might also be useful to be able to map to a specific web content folder (to still provide constraints, but with some flexibility).

      It is proposed that fields be added to the configuration of the Web Content field to enable this to be configured by the content structure author.


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