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As an Admin I would like to have control on who can view the Page Tree Icon



      In DXP 7.3 The Page Tree Icon does not have some permission to control who can view it or not.

      There are users that have the role with permissions to only access web content and documents but they do not have the permissions to edit pages. When these users log in they see the Page Tree icon on the control panel and they can click it and further try to add a page. however, upon attempting to create a page, they receive an error: You do not have the required permissions.

      Reproduction Steps:

      • Start DXP 7.3 and go to Control Panel --> Users --> Roles and add a new Regular Role, then go to "Define Permissions" and find "Control Panel" --> General Permissions and check the box for "View Control Panel Menu"
      • Find Site and Asset Library Administration --> Content & Data --> Web Content and check the boxes for all permissions, then save.
      • Go to Control Panel --> Users --> Users and Organizations and add a new user and assign the user to the Liferay site by going to "Memberships" --> SITES and select Liferay DXP and save.
      • Go to Roles and assign the created role to the User then save.
      • Log out and log in with the new User.
      • Go to Control Panel and you will see the Page Tree icon. Click on it, and further click on the "+" to add a page, and try to add any page then save.
      • Result: An error appears. Error: You do not have the required permissions.

      Furthermore, if you click on the configure gear icon beside the "+" the page configuration opens. Now try to toggle any option "Enable or Disable", then press the back button on top beside Public pages.

      • Result: You do not have the roles required to access this portlet.


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