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AuthVerifier configurations are not working when portal is running under a custom context



      To change the root context

      1. Rename ROOT to portal under TOMCAT_HOME/webapps
      2. Rename ROOT.xml to portal.xml under TOMCAT_HOME/conf/localhost
      3. Delete temp and work folders under TOMCAT_HOME
      4. Start portal and log in http://localhost:8080/portal/

      Scenario 1

      1. Change the root context
      2. Go to http://localhost:8080/portal/api/jsonws
      3. Select an arbitrary endpoint to invoke
      4. Open the web console
      5. Add the necessary params and click Invoke

      Expected result: service invocation returns with HTTP 200
      Actual result: service invocation returns HTTP 403 Forbidden

      Scenario 2

      1. Start portal
      2. Create a new vocabulary and put a category in it.
      3. Start creating a new document.
        Checkpoint: in the form, expand the Categorization section. You see stuff there, among others the vocabulary you created.
      4. Go to the site settings and expand the same section.
        Checkpoint: same here, you can see various fields there.
      5. Stop the server and change the root context as shown above
      6. Try again steps 3 and 4

      Result: the Categorization section is completely empty, there's nothing there. If you open the web console > Network tab, you can see HTTP 403 for certain API calls.


      1. Go to System Settings > Portal Session Auth Verifier (or create com.liferay.portal.security.auth.verifier.internal.portal.session.configuration.PortalSessionAuthVerifierConfiguration-default.config)
      2. Edit the URLs Include field and append "/portal" to each of the URLs
      3. Do the same for the other Auth Verifiers for consistency.

      Important: the configuration changes must be removed when the final fix for this issue is installed.


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