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Widget settings on master pages are not propagating to pages



      If I set up a master page with a widget and configure some widget settings, the settings will be propagated to any pages using the master page. But if I then change the widget settings on the master page, those changes are not propagated

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start Liferay 7.3 DXP ga1
      2. Create a master page and add the Language Selector widget to the master page, and publish
      3. Change the home page to use the master page created in #2
      4. View the home page -> the Language Selector is shown in the same way as on the master page
      5. Edit the master page. Configure the Language Selector widget to use "Long Text" display template. Publish the master page
      6. View the home page again.

      Expected Result:

      The home page now uses the same configuration for the Language Selector widget as the master page

      E.g. it should look like the master page:



      Actual Result:

      The home page still uses the original configuration





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