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After publishing single content, new pages are created Live Site



      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Set up a portal
      2. Create a blank site
      3. Go to Design --> Page Templates --> Display Page Templates and create a display page template for the "Web Content Article" --> "Basic Web Content" asset type
      4. On the Page Display Template go to the right panel and click the first icon "Fragment and Widgets" --> "Fragments" and add a "Display Page Content", then Publish it.
      5. Create a Basic Web Content, select the previously created Display Page Template in the Display Page Template section
      6. Go to Publishing --> Staging --> and enable Local Staging
      7. Checkpoint: Now the Staging and Live sites should have the same Layouts.
        Note: Run the following SQL command in the database:
          SELECT * FROM layout

        (Remember how many pages you have now)

      8. Go to Staging site --> Content & Data --> Web Content and click on the 3 dot menu beside the created web content then select the "Publish to Live" option.

      Expected Result: The web content and the display page template are successfully published to Live, and no extra Layout records are created
      Actual Result: The publication is successful, but two new pages are created for the Live site (check them in the database).


      • The extra Layout records created in live site are "private". Basically, the import process thinks that the Layouts of the display pages should be private and it creates them that way. Even if they already exist as public Layouts.
      • In current master version, there are no AssetDisplayPageEntry records generated when the Display Page Template is not marked as default, and is not specifically selected for the Web Content Article. While in previous versions (7.3.x), these defaults are also added in the AssetDisplayPageEntry table.


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