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Item Selector behaviour varies for HTML and Image fields



      In Web Content structures it is possible to include Images in two ways:

      1. Via the Image field type (ddm-image)
      2. Via the HTML field type (ddm-text-html) with an inserted image

      The options presented for storing these images are different - which presents an inconsistent user experience - and potentially undesired side effects.

      Image storage options are:

      1. Image field
        The Item Selector presents users with options to store the image in "Web Content Images" (in which case it is only available in this web content article, cannot be searched, cannot be used/presented in other ways) or in "Documents and Media" (in which case it can be re-used, can be found via search etc.
      2. HTML field
        When the user selects the Image icon (mountain) the Item Selector presents them with options to store the image in "Documents and Media" or to enter a URL (in this case the image is not stored in Liferay but is accessed directly from the URL entered when displayed to end users.

      The main concern here is that in many cases images added to Web Content are not designed to be used as assets in their own right - they should not be able to be searched for, and it might be desirable for the administrator to control where they can be stored.  Because the HTML field offers only "Documents and Media" for storage in Liferay users must know where (which folder) they should store their images to, plus they must be hidden from Search if they are not to be used in any other way - a manual step which can only be carried out by editing the Image in Documents and Media at a later stage.

      Requested Enhancement:

      Provide the ability for content authors to store images to "Web Content Images" when adding images via an HTML field.

      (Note, it does not seem that offering "URL" as an option for the Image field would yield benefits due to the way that these fields are used via Web Content Templates etc., but this might be useful for consistency if it could be implemented "safely")




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