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Request: Allow web content email notifications to be scoped on a per-structure basis



      At present, email templates can be configured within Web Content Administration, but the contents of that email are shared among all subscriptions to all web content assets on that site.

      At least one client has a business requirement to send email notifications to subscribers that have permission to view assets using a particular web content structure (and they would like these emails to be different than the generic ones available to all users who subscribe to notifications, for the other web content asset types).

      Since they can't currently accomplish this out of the box, it's been suggested that they look into customizing:

      However, I believe this would be a beneficial feature to potentially explore adding to core code.


      1. Would it be possible to expand the current functionality around email subscriptions, so that:
      • a. More than one email template can be used for a site for each type of email (Web Content Added, Web Content Updated, etc.); and,
      • b. So these multiple templates can be more granularly applied by a client (such as, per structure, or per user group, etc.), without needing to implement a customization?




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