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Support export for inline content in xliff for a content page for different experiences


    • LIMA | #36 | DIS | May18-Jun08, LIMA | #35 | DIS | Apr27-May18, LIMA | #38 | DEV | Jul06-Aug03, LIMA | #39 | DEV | Aug4-Sept07, LIMA | #40 | DEV | Sep07-Oct05, LIMA | #41 | DEV | Oct05-Nov02, LIMA | #42 | DEV | Nov02-Nov30


      As a page admin

      I want to be able to export the inline content of a content page for specific experiences

      so that I can send it to a translation agency.


      Acceptance criteria

      Given a content page with some text as inline content

      When a user exports for translation the inline content

      Then she can select which experience or experiences to export


      Test Scenarios

      ID Test Priority Test Scenarios Covered by Backend (Unit/Integration)? Test to add
        5 A content page with default experience will not show the experiences selector when exporting the page for translation  NO Modify the existing test : TranslationsContentPageExportImport#CanExportWithSingleLanguage
        5 A content page with multiple experiences will show the experiences selector when exporting the page for translation  NO TranslationsContentPageExportImport#CanExportMultipleAvailableLanguagesForExperience 
        4 All experiences will be selected by default when exporting a page with multiple experiences  NO TranslationsContentPageExportImport#CanExportMultipleAvailableLanguagesForExperience 
        4 The "Export" button will be disabled if the language or experience no selection  NO TranslationsContentPageExportImport#CanExportMultipleAvailableLanguagesForExperience  
        5 The new experience of the content page for translation can be exported with the default xliff version(2.0 xliff)  NO Cover in LPS-140064 :  TranslationsContentPageExportImport#CanImportExportedTranslationForCorrespondingExperience
        5 The new experience of the content page for translation can be exported with xliff 1.2 version  NO Cover in LPS-140064 : TranslationsContentPageWorkflow#CanApproveImportedTranslationForExperience 
        5 Users can export multiple available languages for a single experience  NO TranslationsContentPageExportImport#CanExportMultipleAvailableLanguagesForExperience 
        5 Users can export an available language for a single experience  NO Cover in LPS-140064 :  TranslationsContentPageExportImport#CanImportExportedTranslationForCorrespondingExperience 
        5 Users can export multiple available languages for multiple experiences  NO TranslationsContentPageExportImport#CanExportMultipleAvailableLanguagesForMultipleExperiences 
        5 Users can export an available language for multiple experiences  NO TranslationsContentPageExportImport#CanExportAnAvailableLanguageForMultipleExperiences 
        5 A zip file for translation will download to local after exporting  NO TranslationsContentPageExportImport#CanExportMultipleAvailableLanguagesForExperience  
         4 The unzipped xilff file name will include the corresponding experience name of the content page  NO TranslationsContentPageExportImport#CanExportMultipleAvailableLanguagesForExperience  


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