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Define and implement hook points to support custom view data lifecycle (backend)


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      Dataset display manages custom views, which are persisted in the backend. The creation workflow of some of them (like Active View Settings) is tied to the component rendering lifecycle in the UI. This leads to carefully consider when the data entities become obsolete and can be deleted.

      Following table summarizes them:

      Entity Becomes obsolete when
      active view settings the user is deleted or the dataset display instance ceases to exist
      custom view there are no dataset display instances for the involved entityId
      current custom view the user or the custom view are deleted, or the dataset display instance ceases to exist
      favorite custom view the user or the custom view are deleted

      There are 2 particular cases which require special attention:

      • When a dataset display instance ceases to exist?
      • When there are no dataset instances for the involved entityId?

      The initial analysys shown that a multi faceted solution is needed in order to solve the above cases.

      In this ticket, we're focusing on the active view settings deletion, which requires to answer the question of when a dataset display ceases to exist. For the purposes of this ticket, the answer is:

      • The page containing it is deleted (plid), or
      • The portlet using it is removed from a page (portletId). 

      The goal of this task is to implement the necessary hooks to account for deletion of obsolete active view settings tuples in the DB.




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