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LPS-97036 - Product QA | Test Automation Creation for Sanity tests




      We need to automate all Sanity tests that were not automated when the epic was developed. 

      More info
      Check 7.2 Test Map

      • Create test automation to validate the test cases listed above.
      • Update 7.2 Test Map

      Test Scenarios 

      Related Story Test Case Execution Step by step
      LPS-96685  When creating a new experience on a page with a configured fragment, assert the configuration of the fragment is copied Manual - Pending Automation Enable page fragment configurations
      Import a fragment with a configuration of type select with 2 values (Ex: SelectFragmentConfigurationTest.zip)
      Add a content page with imported fragment
      In the top left side of the page editor add a new experience called "Test Experience" and add a new audience
      Under "user" in menu add "first name" to conditions
      Have condition of segment be First Name equals Test (Conditions should match at least 1 member if using test test)
      Save new experience/audience
      Switch experiences so you are editing the new experience
      Assert the configuration of the fragment from the default experience is copied to the new experience
      LPS-98109  Validate if the user can configure other languages to the contributed fragments Manual - Pending Automation Given the user is in contributed fragments
      Then the user can input the translations
      LPS-97179  Given the web developer has provided a fragment with two or more configuration fields of type "colorPalette", when the fragment is added to a page, then the page author will be shown a configuration a floating panel which allows the author to select among the colors of the palette for each of the color palette fields. The color selection should also persist amount fragmentEntryLinks in all of the page editors Manual - Pending Automation  -- 
      LPS-97179  Delete icon not in fragment topper for section fragment Manual - Pending Automation Add a content page(also test in content page template and display page template)
      Add a fragment of type section to the content page
      Go to "Sections" tab in page editor menu on the right side
      Click on "Basic Sections" tab
      Add any type of fragment from this section
      Click on the fragment to select it
      Assert the fragment does not have a remove icon in the fragment topper(where the fragment name is)
      Assert there is a floating toolbar with an icon that lets you remove the fragment
       LPS-100963 When a fragment that uses JavaScript has a configuration, there is a JavaScript configuration object available which contains the current values of the fragment configuration. Manual - Pending Automation  





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