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Duplicated title in edit mode of OOTB Card fragment after updating bundle




      If a fragment is created below 7.3 dxp-1 that would previously trigger the LPS-127851 behavior and is upgraded/updated to 7.3 dxp-1 or above, the unexpected duplicated title persists.

      As was previously described on that ticket,

      When placing an out of the box "Card" fragment on the page, changing its title, and modifying the formatting to be Heading 4, the title duplicates in the UI and becomes uneditable while in edit mode. When viewing the published page, the duplication is not present, but the behavior persists when re-entering edit mode (requiring a user to add a new Card fragment if they want to change the title).

      Using 7.3 dxp-1+, fragments created after patching to that level are not impacted; however, the fragments previously created using a Heading 4 title will still encounter the unexpected behavior (presently requiring that each affected fragment is removed and recreated).

      For reference, further behavior discussing this behavior (and the breadth of likely affected text types/components) be found in PTR-2243.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In edit mode of a content page in 7.2 or 7.3 GA1, add an OOTB Card fragment
      2. Double click in the title to add in a custom title ("Test Title"), then adjust the HTML style to Heading 4 (may require another double-click after choosing a title)
      3. Shut down the bundle and update/upgrade to 7.3 dxp-1+

      Results of Testing

      Expected Result: The title could be edited again, and would only be present on the page once
      Actual Result: There are two listings of "Test Title" in the fragment, and double-clicking on each does not result in the user being able to edit or format the text further. Newly created fragments do not encounter this behavior (as they are handled by the LPS-127851 fix)


      No errors

      Master [upgrade from 7.2.x to Master]

      7.2.x Hash#: 5d916bfaa2ec93978941ddc4714505073f53658d
      Master Hash#: 4d00a82609556bf429f895945fcd571f5d934e29

      Branch [tested via upgrade from 7.2.x to 7.3.x, as I don't believe it's possible to patch from 7.3 GA1 -> 7.3.x]

      7.2.x Hash#: 5d916bfaa2ec93978941ddc4714505073f53658d
      7.3.x Hash#: 5138ac4238b8e42d86790d3779cb910d646357e1


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