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Possible issue related with publications and fragments when upgrading from DXP-7.3-GA1 to DXP-7.3-FP1


    • OS:
      Windows 10
    • JDK:
      Oracle Sun JDK 8
    • Application Servers:
      Apache Tomcat 9.0.x
    • Browsers:
      Chrome (latest)
    • Databases:
      MySQL 5.7


      After upgrading to DXP-7.3-FP1 from DXP-7.3-GA1, I noticed that one Display Page Template was not upgraded successfully, while all the other Display Page Templates were upgraded successfully.

      The difference among the DPTs is that the DPT with errors was created within the scope of a publication before the upgrade. The publication was published to production before the upgrade. All the other DPTs were created directly in Production mode.

      For the database upgrade, a hotfix for the ticket LPS-127040 was provided and used in my upgrade, so the issue reported here may be related to that ticket:



      Steps to reproduce this error

      1. In an existing site created with DXP 7.3 - GA1, there is a Display Page Template that contains some fragments.
      2. This Liferay instance has Publications enabled.
      3. This DPT was created within the scope of a publication (not directly in Production Mode)
      4. This DPT is published to production using Publications publishing.
      5. Upgrade this installation to DXP 7.3 - FP1
      6. After upgrade, click on an asset that uses the DPT to render
      7. Login with a superadmin user and navigate to the DPT in the Site Menu
      8. Edit the DPT


      Expected Result

      • Assets that use the DPT to render are rendered correctly for any user.
      • All existing fragments are rendered correctly when editing this DPT

      Actual Result

      • Assets that use the DPT to render are not rendered.
      • When editing the DPT , some fragments fails to render, and also the Fragment Tree on the right fails to load, and there is no way to delete the fragments with the error from the UI.


      -Liferay log shows no errors, but the browser console shows some JS errors. See screenshot

      -After upgrading, the DPT seems to be in a previous version, and not in the final version that is being used in the GA1 instance.


      Display Page Templaes as in DXP-7.3-GA1


      Display Page Templaes as in DXP-7.3-FP1




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