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Theme embedded portlets cannot be configured in Content Pages



      Reproduction steps:

      1) Setup 7.2 vanilla with latest FP, start the server

      2) Create a minimal theme called "my-liferay-theme" with yo liferay-theme
      3) cd into the root folder of the theme and run gulp build
      4) Copy over portal_normal.ftl from my-liferay-theme/build/templates into my-liferay-theme/src/templates (create the templates directory if missing)
      5) Edit my-liferay-theme/src/templates/portal_normal.ftl and add this snippet in the content section:

      portletName="com_liferay_journal_content_web_portlet_JournalContentPortlet" />

      (I took this step from https://help.liferay.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028746512-Embedding-a-Portlet-by-Portlet-Name)

      6) Compile the theme with gulp build and deploy my-liferay-theme/dist/my-liferay-theme.war to liferay/deploy folder

      --> Theme attached: [^my-liferay-theme.7z]

      7) Create a Content Page in Liferay
      8) On the Content page, at the right-side toolbar, go to "Look and Feel" > Define a specific look and feel for this page > Change Current Theme > My Liferay Theme > Save
      9) You will see a Web Content Display onto the page. Hover the mouse over it to attempt editing it (e.g. selecting a web content to be displayed)

      Expected: The portlet to be editable
      Actual behavior: A message on the interface will pop-up:

      This area is defined by the theme. To change theme settings go to the Look and Feel configuration in the sidebar.

      and it won't be possible to change the configuration.

      Reproduced on 7.2.x @ cf5bc0633f093c0585012e6ba95916b07dcd36742fd856d5c602fd13dae859c5
      Not reproducible on master @ a246e3f8ceb714d37895190f03886de525e067e8aacd88a6567e6f1f2a35f850
      due to LPS-112037 commit https://github.com/brianchandotcom/liferay-portal/pull/91173/commits/616ddbebfef41784772f8516c8d29a827029fcd7

      you may go to liferay-portal-master-private/osgi/war/classic-theme.war, edit the file with a file extractor tool and perform the same as step 5, then wait in the server logs for the theme to be redeployed




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