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As an Admin, I want to configure Segments Analytics Cloud settings from Instance Settings




      Currently, segmentation settings exist only at System level, so there’s no way to configure the feature at the instance level.

      In order to facilitate the cloud-based products development, we need to make it available at the instance level.

      Use cases

      1. A company has to instances, one for a public site, the other one for the intranet.
        1. They just want to use segmentation in the public-faced site. So they are able to disable segmentation just for the intranet instance.
        2. They need different cache settings for each of the instances, as the intranet is being sync against the active directory, and the public site is sync with a mkt automation solution that needs real-time data.
      2. A company has one instance for its sites in production, and adds a virtual one for running tests on some features. They want to enable segmentation in one of them but not in the other one.
      3. LOL: as it is managed by instances by LR, we need to be able to enable/disable features at the instance level


      1. The icon “Segments” will be placed in Instance Settings > Content

      2. The current “Segments Analytics Cloud” tab and title of the page will be renamed as Analytics Cloud Segments

      3. Help text of Anonymous User Segments Cache Expiration Time will be: Define the time (in seconds) before clearing the Anonymous Segment cache.

      4. Help text of Interest Terms Cache Expiration Time will be: Define the time (in seconds) before clearing the Interest Terms cache.

      5. The current Check Interval field will be renamed as Update Interval

      6. Help text of Update Interval will be: Define how often (in minutes) you want to update ** Segments from Analytics Cloud.




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