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Custom User Mapping values are not saved properly



      Testing of LPS-130609 discovered, that when the Instance admin tries to setup Custom User Mapping for LDAP Server configuration, it not saved, aka the custom user mapping got ignored whenever the user is imported or exported from/to LDAP server, eg ApacheDS.

      Repro steps:

      1. Start tomcat for latest master
      2. Login to portal as Instance Admin
      3. Go to Instance Settings / Security / LDAP / General tab
      4. Enable and Save form
      5. Go to Servers menu
      6. Add a new server, with default Apache Directory Server (Apache DS) settings and define a custom Server Name
      7. Press Test LDAP Connection to verify correct LDAP credentials/access
      8. Custom User Mapping : prefix=initials,suffix=st
      9. Save the server form
      10. Save again at Servers list form
      11. Go to Export menu
      12. Set Enable Export and Save the form
      13. Go to the Account Settings / General tab of the logged-in user ([email protected])
      14. Set Prefix to Dr
      15. Set Suffix to Phd
      16. Save the contact page
      17. Open your LDAP server and check the contact's page

      Actual results:
      Exported user has st and initials field updated at LDAP server, according to the mapping at Portal

      Expected result:
      st and initial fiels are not updated or not exported with the user

      Testing discovered, there is a hidden fields with custommappings, and it's contect is saved and active, aka if I update the hidden field's content and save it, then I got the st and initials field updated, as explained in the [screen recording|Set a custom Server Name and set]


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