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As a Marketer I want to allow users to filter target collection displays for all types of Pages




      The goal of this story is to allow Marketers to provide a way for the end users to filter the content of a given collection display for ALL type of pages supporting Collection Display fragment.


      Given a Marketer has created  a collection (dynamic, manual, collection provider, related items collection), placed a Collection Display on the page.


      Content Page & Display Page Templates Filters

      When the user places collection filter on a Content Page

      Then the user :

      • can select the target collection to which the Filtering options (Category filters, Text Search, and Summary) should apply and the filtering criteria.

      Warning Message in case of missing association

      When the user places a collection filter and there is no associated collection

      Then a warning message indicates to the user that the filter will not work unless the user select a target collections and filter criteria it could apply.





      IMP: Collection filters include: Collection Category filter, Text Search filter, and Result Summary.



      Figma mockup


      Test scenarios

      Test Scenarios Test Strategy Kind of test Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd ? (unit or integration) Could it be covered by POSHI?
      Collection Filters with text works in content page CRITICAL Manual No No Yes
      The user could view a warning info in Collection Filter fragment when no collection in page CRITICAL Manual No No Yes
      Collection Filters with category works in display page template HIGH Manual No No Yes
      Collection Filters with text works in content page template HIGH Manual No No Yes
      Can filter different Collection Displays by different Collection Filters MEDIUM Manual No No Yes


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