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Web Content Display is showing the wrong information


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      After publish the page with a Web Content Display it's showing the Field reference instead the correct name.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Control Panel > Content & Data
      2. Create a new Structures
      3. Add the Field Select From List, insert 2 options and set as required.
      4. Add the Field Single Selection, insert 2 options and set as required.
      5. Add the Field Multiple Selection, insert 2 options and set as required.
      6. Add the Field Grid, insert 2 options and set as required.
      7. Add the Field Date.
      8. Add the Field Color and save.
      9. Create a new Web Content using the Structure already created on step 2.
      10. Select one option for all fields that has multiple choice.
      11. Insert a date and select some color.
      12. Publish the Web Content.
      13. Control Panel > Site Builder > Pages
      14. Public Pages > plus button > Add Page > Select Blank template.
      15. Plus button at the right side > Add Container > Add Web Content Display inside the container.
      16. Click on kebab button > Configuration > Select the Web Content created on step 9 and save.
      17. Publish the page test.

      Expected Result
      The page should show the options that were selected on the Web Content, the date and the color.

      Actual Result
      The page is showing the number of the field reference about the options that were select, the date with time and the code about the color.(ActualResult_May11_LPS-132004_master.mp4)

      Reproduced In
      Tomcat 9.0.43 + MySQL 5.7
      Portal master GIT ID: ffd0befc13449e6c0863104e000f812b8ceee005




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