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Decimal number field displays wrong decimal separator in page preview


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      Decimal number field displays the wrong decimal separator in page preview with a Web Content Display widget.
      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Content & Data > Web Content > Structures tab;
      2. Add a new Structure;
      3. Add a decimal numeric field and be sure they are localizable and save;
      4. Go to Templates and add a new Template;
      5. Select the created Structure and add the numeric field to the template and save;
      6. Go to Web Content;
      7. Add a new Web Content from the created Structure;
      8. Add a decimal value to the numeric field: 10.11;
      9. Change locale to es-ES;
      10. Add another decimal value to the numeric field: 20,22 (see that here comma and point changes based on locale);
      11. Save the Web Content;
      12. Go to Site Builder > Pages;
      13. Create a new Public Page;
      14. Select Blank Template;
      15. Add a Web Content Display widget;
      16. Go to widget configuration and select the created Web Content;
      17. Add a Language Selector widget;
      18. Go to page preview;
      19. Use the Language Selector widget that you just added to select es-ES;

      Expected Result
      The decimal number field should display a comma as decimal separator.
      Actual Result
      The decimal number field displays a dot as decimal separator.
      Reproduced In
      master: f2df0b12cb4751b76e424ccd4bba1e5a0c8019c3


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