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Asset Publisher (and related portlets) should not export their contents when they are placed on a Display Page Template



      Reproduction steps:

      1. Start up a clean bundle
      2. Go to Control Panel ==> Configuration ==> System Settings ==> Search for "asset publisher"
      3. Open the System scope configuration and make sure "Enable Dynamic Export" is enabled (it's disabled on master by default)
      4. Create a new site
      5. Create a new Display Page Template for Basic Web Contents, put an Asset Publisher widget on it and publish. There's a difference in behavior between master and other versions due to LPS-122275
        • In master: do not mark this template as default
        • In 7.3.x and previous versions: mark this template as default
      6. Activate local staging
      7. Create two web contents: "test1" and "test2"
        • In master: select the created display page template as specific template
        • In 7.3.x and previous versions: use the default page template
      8. Checkpoint: open the a staging publication form (don't publish it)
        • You should see that there are 2 new web contents to publish
      9. Go to the web contents list in Staging site
      10. Open the context menu of "test1" and select "Publish to Live"
      11. Open the a staging publication form again

      Expected result: the one remaining web content is shown in the counts section
      Actual result: no web contents are shown to be published


      • The step 10. might fail in master during the import phase, since it tries to import an entry that is not actually there.
      • Because of LPS-122275 , asset display pages are associated differently. The default asset display template pages are not exported anymore when the asset is exported. Only when we choose a specific one for the content.
      • LPS-128736 Story ticket changes the default export behavior of Asset Publisher and Related Assets portlet, by not exporting the contents they are displaying. This changed only the default value of the configuration. However, this value can only be overridden for Asset Publisher. There are other portlets that inherit Asset Publisher's behavior:
        • Related Assets
        • Highest Rated Assets
        • Most Viewed Assets
        • Recent Contents

      These will always use the default value, regardless of what we set for "Enable Dynamic Export" configuration on the front-end. The reason: RelatedAssetsExportImportPortletPreferencesProcessor extends AssetPublisherExportImportPortletPreferencesProcessor, but it doesn't have its configurationPid annotation. This could be another bug ticket.




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