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Users can attempt to modify portlet permissions when propagated site page is locked



      This ticket is similar to LPS-131903, however it has already been committed by a different team.  Therefore, this ticket tracks the portion of the fix which should go to the staging team.


      When viewing a site page which has been propagated from a site template, if the "Allow site administrators to modify this page for their site, even when propagation of changes is enabled." option is disabled, the user can attempt to modify the portlet permissions in the view page.

      This is a visual bug only since nothing can be modified once the layout is locked.  However, the permissions option is unnecessary and can lead to confusion.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Control Panel > Sites > Site Templates
      2. Make a new template, unchecking the "Allow site administrators to modify pages associated with this site template, even when propagation of changes is enabled."
      3. Control Panel > Sites > Sites
      4. Make a new site based off the template
      5. Click "Home" to view the site's home page
      6. Verify there is an "i" icon in the upper-right toolbar which reads "This page is linked to a site template which does not allow modifications to it."
      7. Hover over the Site Navigation portlet and click the options.
      8. Verify "Permissions" is available and can be selected

      Expected results: The user does not see the portlet permissions option since the page is linked to a site templates which does not allow for modifications

      Actual results: The user can attempt to modify the portlet permissions

      Reproduced in master: 5e223c8b9f0215cb982ccf36e1fcf32db9ad262a


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