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Integrate Forms API with New Liferay Objects



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      Epic Context

      The User Experience Display Epic aims to deliver a fully integrated experience between Liferay Objects and the page building experience. It can be highlighted 3 goals for this epic:

      • Allow users to use forms to gather data and save in the object data storage in a page;
      • Allow users to display object entries in a page;
      • Allow users to show the details of an object entry in a page.

      Story Requirements Summary

      • Display forms in site experiences that are able to store data into objects

      Story details

      This ticket aims to list all tasks that need to be done to use forms as interface to gather data from the user and storage in the object.

      Goals for the story:

      • Allow users to select an object as data storage type;
      • Allow users to map form fields to object fields;
      • Make sure that users map all required fields in the object to a field in the form;
      • Allow users to identify which fields are missing to map.
      • Make sure that the user maps all fields in a form to a field in an object (otherwise the data will be lost);
      • Make sure that all required fields in the object are also required fields in the object;
      • Make sure that the user only maps fields between the form and the object that are compatible (string and text for example);
      • Make sure the user only maps 1 field in the form to 1 field in the object and vice-versa;
      • Make sure we support Field Groups;


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