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Guest permission to Display Page is removed after publishing Web Content Article from Control Panel



      Steps to Reproduce (Master)

      1. Add an Asset Publisher widget to the home page and publish
      2. Go to Design - Page Templates - Display Page Templates
      3. Add a new Display Page Template based on Blank for Web Content Article / Basic Web Content
      4. Add the Display Page Content fragment to the page and publish
      5. Go to Content & Data - Web Content
      6. Add a new Basic Web Content Article
      7. Under Display Page choose Specific and select the previously created display page
      8. Go to Publishing - Staging and set up Local Live staging with Page Versioning enabled on Public Pages
      9. Go to Content & Data - Web Content
      10. Click the three dot menu for the article and click Publish to Live
      11. As a Guest user go to the home page and click on the title of the article in the Asset Publisher widget

      Expected Results
      The user is shown the article within the created display page.

      Actual Results
      The user is prompted to log in to view the article.

      Note for 7.3.x and below

      After creating the Display Page Template mark the template as the Default template. Additionally, when creating the Web Content Article do not make any changes to the Display page.

      The difference in steps is due to LPS-122275. The logic was flipped between default and specific display page templates.




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                Version Package
                7.2.10 DXP FP14
       DXP SP5
       DXP SP3
                7.4.1 CE GA2 DXP 7,4
                7.4.2 CE GA3 DXP 7,4
                7.4.13 DXP GA1