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The Default Required Error Message translation is not displayed on the sidebar


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      When translating the Forms for a locale different than English US, the Custom Required Error Message doesn't display the translation of the default error message on the sidebar, but when the Form is published the proper translation is displayed.

       Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Content & Data >  Forms > Create new Form
      2. Add any field
      3. Toggle the Required Field switch
      4. Add translations for another locale but don't translate the required error message
      5. Publish the form and open it
      6. Change the language for the translated locale and trigger the required error message 

       Expected Result
      The value of the required error message should be displayed on the sidebar property so it doesn't lead the user to expect there's no translation for the default required error message.

       Actual Result
      The value of the required error message is displayed in english on the sidebar property for any translated locale, but is translated when Form is published.

       Reproduced In
      master: 9a639ab5f363424895eb3e0357a47a30d496cce1 
      with revert applied for 1115bb3819f9dca951f6bc85a1bec5d1c1cd5469.


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