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Modify publishing script to publish dependent jars


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      Ideal goal: The publishing script publishes everything that needs to be published, including modules containing changes, as well as the dependent modules that depend on those changes.

      Workaround/secondary goal: ant bom-all catches any dependencies/unresolved requirement errors.

      Peter maintains the publishing script which Brian uses to publish jars to Nexus. When developers make changes like adding or removing apis, that will require Brian to republish other modules that depend on the module with the additional or removed api. However, the publishing script doesn't know which modules to publish (only the one with the original change)
      Brian's solution was to ask Peter to write an ant task which creates a build locally from the jars. The "ant bom-all" task is supposed to test to make sure that all needed jars were published. However, this has limitations as well because portal-kernel and portal-impl are built differently from the rest of the modules.

      Slack conversation (Brian/Peter/Jason) from April 19, 2021:

      Jason Pince Good morning Peter, can you please try ant bom-all on a804a225365be702f88f6fe5d0ce1b310a2b4e1b? Brian ran it on Friday, but we still had startup errors on the latest run https://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-130749
      Peter Shin the portal jars (ie portal-impl, portal-kernel) are built differently. i sent a pull to avoid locking those artifact versions
      Jason Pince @Brian Chan https://github.com/brianchandotcom/liferay-portal/pull/100899

      Slack conversation (Peter/Jason) from June 2, 2021:

      Peter Shin it was changed to ignore the portal projects b/c of this thread: https://liferay.slack.com/archives/C01T5JRA8BZ/p1618838096003500
      when those errors were seen, i think it was a sign that the projects that matt found needed to be republished
      ... if there are changes in one of the portal projects that affects modules, those errors won't show up in ant bom-all

      Examples where startup errors (unresolved requirements) were found after the release build was created:
      LPS-133207 - caused by LPS-130898
      LPS-133581 - caused by multiple issues, one of which was probably LPS-122267
      LPS-133622 - caused by LPS-132441
      LPS-133770 - caused by LPS-133053




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