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URL of "Link to URL" page not updated during publication



      When publishing a Page of type "Link to URL", if the URL points to a document on the staging site, the URL should be updated during publication to point to the equivalent document on the live site. Unfortunately, this does not happen; the URL continues to point to the document on the staging site even after publication.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Enable local staging with page versioning enabled for public pages and documents enabled to be staged
      2 Go to Content & Data -> Documents and Media in the staging site and upload a document
      3. Select the document and open the information panel and copy the download link
      4. Go to Site Builder -> Pages and create a new page with the "Link to URL" type. In the URL field, paste the download link URL
      5. Publish the staging site to live
      6. Log out, and then select the new page that was created as the guest user

      Expected Result: Since the live site is public with guest access, the guest user should be able to directly download the document since the URL on the Link to URL page will point to the document on the live site
      Actual Result: The guest user is redirected to the sign in page since the URL on the Link to URL page points to the document on the staging site.

      Reproduced in
      Master: ca00c3b11f7a6aa04d7216b586cfdac6b5e88423
      7.2.x: 7f8708b0dd3abd956a0d3482858f433c227776a0


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                1 year, 51 weeks ago


                  Version Package
                  7.2.10 DXP FP15
         DXP SP3
                  7.4.1 CE GA2 DXP 7,4
                  7.4.2 CE GA3 DXP 7,4
                  7.4.13 DXP GA1