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As a page author, I want to set a Display page Template to objects so that each can have its own Page



      Epic Context

      The User Experience Display Epic aims to deliver a fully integrated experience between Liferay Objects and the page building experience. It can be highlighted 3 goals for this epic:

      • Allow users to use forms to gather data and save in the object data storage in a page;
      • Allow users to display object entries in a page;
      • Allow users to show the details of an object entry in a page.

      Story Requirements Summary

      • Define which information (Object fields) should be displayed in the user experience
      • The user must be able to select custom fields from custom objects
      • The user must be able to preview the display page template with real data in order to facilitate the building process

      Story details

      In order to provide the best experience to customers' users, we need to give flexibility for them to build whatever view of the details of each object entry they want to deliver in each object context. In this story the goal is to solve that using display page templates, to allow users to build the entry details that they want with all the flexibility of fragments.


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