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Relative path in page search is empty when a page in the path is a draft



      When I search in the Miller columns element for pages, I expect to see the whole path in the tree where they are located. Currently, even as an administrator, I only get the page as a result when the path contains a page in draft state.

      As an editor I need to know where the page is located, not only the page and I should see the path, even if one of the parents is a draft.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Create a child page of Home called test.

      2) Do not publish the page, keep it in state draft.

      3) Create a child page of test called test2

      4) Publish the page

      5) Search in the page administration for "test2"

      Result in "relative path":  test2

      Expected result:  Home -> test -> test2


      Clarification: in this bug the status of a page does not matter, but rather that a page has been previously selected. Described behavior only happens when the search is run after selecting a page, in which case the path of the results is not displayed. If there is no page selected, described behavior is not reproduced, regardless of the status of the pages resulting from the search.





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