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UI bug fixes from search experiences v1 feedback document



      Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yeMSDnUAYRQkrWk1cozFWVZx8V4IHX74Ip3TG-3GbkY/edit



      Description From Document Change Made
      Within the Blueprints edit page, if you have enough elements added to the Blueprint where you can scroll a bit to the bottom of the page, adding any new elements will get added to the top, but it is hard to tell that it gets added since there is no visual indicator when it happens. The user can’t see it getting added to the top because they are scrolled to the bottom. Perhaps we can add an autofocus / scroll to the top when an element is added? Toast added to notify user of added element.
      Within the Element edit screen (Search Experiences > Element tab > create or edit, can we have the name of the element we are editing at the top of the page, perhaps somewhere in the header? Right now the only way to tell which element we’re editing is to look within the fields of the JSON editor or clicking the Preview button. Title and description added on the edit element page header.
      Since the title/description is editable within the json editor, the title/description that is displayed at top will be the initial title/description and will not dynamically change with editing.
      Within the Blueprints Options widget where you can select a blueprint, there are checkboxes to the left of each blueprint entry that doesn’t seem to have any purpose since you can only select one blueprint at a time.  Blueprints Options widget: Instead of checkboxes, a single "choose" button next to each item is displayed.
      Within the Element edit screen (Search Experiences > Element tab > create or edit element), there are “i” icons next to the headers of the JSON editors that don’t do anything when clicked on even though hovering over them changes the cursor to indicate that it is clickable. Help text will appear when hovering over the "i" icons.
      Within the edit Blueprint page (Search Experiences > create or edit blueprint), there is a Settings tab as well as a Settings section at the bottom that do different things. Perhaps we can rename one of them or combine them? Renamed to "Query Settings" as suggested by Dennis
      You are unable to use keyboard shortcuts when editing one of the code mirror JSON editors. E.g. within the edit page of an element, or within the “Paste any Elasticsearch query” element, you can’t use CTRL+C / CTRL+V to copy paste. You can still right click and select paste within the menu though. Not sure if this could be handled by this team, but thought we should bring it up.  CodeMirror npm package updated to ^5.59.0 that includes a fix for ctrl+c ctrl+v copy-pasting.
      PR also sent to Echo team as it affects portal's version of CodeMirror. https://github.com/liferay-echo/liferay-portal/pull/5267 
      Within the Blueprints edit page, add an element that requires filling out a category or tag field, for example Boost Tagged Contents, and type in something into the “Asset Tags” field and use the cursor to click away. The things typed in turn into a tag, but the field turns red with the message “This field is required” even though it is populated with something. Not sure if this is something to be handled by this team. "This field is required" disappears if field is clicked away and has content.
      For the malformed Blueprints/Elements JSON validation features (LPS-127227 & LPS-128975), when the warning modal appears, there are also validation errors thrown in the Portal server logs. Perhaps we can remove these stacktraces and fail gracefully since the errors / warnings are only useful in the UI. Stacktrace errors no longer show in server logs when the warning modal appears.
      When the Blueprints edit page allows more scrolling down, the pagination dropdown inside the Blueprints Preview sidebar would actually open downward and not be visible. Define the dropdown to always be above. Pagination dropdowns (changing delta or selecting a specific page) in preview sidebar now always open upward.
      Saving an element with no description in the Element Template will cause the Edit Blueprint to be “unable to load” when you try finding it in the sidebar to add an element. (See google doc for specific steps to reproduce) Add Element sidebar will not show "unable to load" with an element that has no description.




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