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The asset editor cannot view and edit the displayed asset in page editor when enable the Browser panel



      Step to reproduce:

      1. Add a new site
      2. Add a web content (Or a blogs entry or a document)
      3. Add a content page
      4. Add a Heading fragment to page (Or Add a Web Content Display then select the web content)
      5. Map the Title of web content to editable field
      6. Publish the page
      7. Add a new user
      8. Add a site role with Update permission for Web Content Article(or a blogs entry or a document)
      9. Assign the new user to new site
      10. Assign the new site role to new user
      11. Impersonate the new user
      12. Navigate to the content page at view mode
      13. Click the pencil icon on control menu
      14. View the mapped content shown on Heading
      15. View the Contents shown on sidebar
      16. Open the Contents panel
      17. View the web content is shown on the Contents panel
      18. Enable the Browser panel
      19. Refresh the page

      Expected Results:
      The mapped content should be shown on Heading. The Browser button should be shown on sidebar. Open the Browser panel then navigate to the Page Content panel. The web content is shown on the Page Content panel.

      Actual Results:
      The mapped content and sidebar are missing.

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 9.0.43 + MySQL 5.7. Portal master GIT ID: a2f5eba20057e287ebd391cc3d6fd11704cfefa4.


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