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Web content with non-alphabet title returns not-found error when accessing the page using public page virtual hosts



      This issue is similar to LPS-134169, but it only occurs when using a virtual host URL. When using a virtual host URL, the journal article URL in the URI is automatically re-normalized, which can cause it to exceed its allowed length.

      The solution is simple - prior to searching for the article, we simply need to truncate the journal article URL back to the maximum allowed characters.

      In fact, we can revert the solution for LPS-134169 and apply this same solution for it.

      Note that this issue is only applicable to 7.0.x. LPS-101786 was committed to 7.0.x-7.2.x; however, LPS-67510 fixes this issue in 7.1.x and 7.2.x. Since LPS-67510 is a Story ticket, and its fix relies on adding several new tables, we cannot backport it. Therefore, we should add a unique fix for 7.0.x.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Create a new site.
      2. Inside of this new site, create a page with "Content Display Page" type.
      3. Add a new public page, for example 'testpage'.
      4. Go to Site Settings -> Site URL -> configure the virtual hosts of the public pages to "test.com"
      5. Update the hosts file of the laptop to map "test.com"
      6. Add a new web content with Japanese title with a large number of characters (20 should be sufficient). For example "当社における新型コロナウイルス感染者の発生について". And choose the page add in Step 2 as it's display page.
      7. Add an asset publisher onto testpage page.
      8. Go to Asset Publisher configuration page -> Display Settings
      Display Template : Title List
      Asset Link Behavior : View in Context.
      9. Go to test page via the public pages virtual host (http://test.com:8080/testpage), and click the title "当社における新型コロナウイルス感染者の発生について".

      Expected Result: The web content is displayed in the display page (created in #2)
      Actual Result: A Not Found error is reported on the page:

      Not Found
      The requested resource could not be found.


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