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Exporting and importing a Documents & Media URL always append UUID to the imported URL even if it was not there to begin with



      When referencing a file entry in Documents and Media, some users may prefer not to include the UUID in the URL, to ensure that the URL is referencing the latest version of the file entry rather than the version that has a specific UUID. However, when exporting and importing such a URL, the UUID is always included in the imported URL regardless of whether or not it was included in the exported URL.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Start up Liferay and log in as the admin user.
      2. Upload any image to Document and Media.
      3. From the details page, copy its URL:


      4. Create a new Web Content Article called "Test". In the source view for the Web Content Article, add the following, using the above URL, but with the UUID and timestamp removed:

      <a href="http://localhost:8080/documents/35917/0/LBDLC.png">Link to Document</a>

      Note it's the path without the UUID or timestamp sections.
      5. Publish the article.
      6. From Publishing > Export, export the site (all defaults).
      7. Download the generated lar file.
      8. Create a new site S2.
      10. From Publishing > Import, import the lar file (all defaults).
      12. Go to Content > Web Content
      13. Edit the "Test" web content article and access the Source view.
      14. Note the URL has now changed and it contains the UUID:

      <a href="http://localhost:8080/documents/35917/0/LBDLC.png/50e83bfa-4e06-f920-e2ad-814439b8dff0">Link to Document</a>

      Expected Result: The UUID would not be added to the link since it was not there originally.
      Actual Result: The UUID has been added to the link, even though it was not there originally.


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