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Deleted translations are automatically overwritten in webcontent with default language content



      When a translation is added to a webcontent and a field is deleted in the translation, the system overwrites it in the background with the default language content. There is no notification or anything. The change by the editor is silently ignored and discarded without warning.

      To make matters even worse, the behavior was different in earlier versions of Liferay. Which leads to two problems

      1) Editors expect that they can simply remove content from webcontent fields.

      2) Old content is changed without them noticing it

      When an editor opens content created in 7.2 and just clicks save again (without changing anything, changing an unrelated field in another language, adding another translation), empty fields are automatically updated and overwritten. Again, without notice and in our case always erroneously.

      In our case this leads to really, really bad errors. Editors remove videos hosted on youtube in Chinese content, since Youtube is not available in China.

      But when they click save, their edit is discarded and the link inserted again.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Create a new basic webcontent
      2) Enter "test" in English.
      3) Switch to another language (I used Chinese)
      4) Delete "test" from the content field
      5) Click publish
      6) Open the article again, check the Chinese content
      Result: It contains "test"
      Expected Result: It is empty, since we deleted it.
      You can also check the content source, the content xml contains "test" for both languages.

      There is no warning, the edit is simply deleted.

      The issue was introduced by LPS-123433.





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