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Forms export process does not include all answers if the user language is Basque



      The forms export process does not include all answers if the user language is Basque.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Define the languages properties for this test with locales.enabled=eu_ES,en_US,es_ES in portal-ext.properties
      2. Create a site X with Spanish as the default language
      3. Create a new form F in X
        1. Add a Spanish localization to the form F
        2. Add a Basque localization to the form F
      4. Create a new page P1 in site X
      5. Add to P1 a Form widget where the form F is shown.
      6. Add to P1 a Language selector widget
      7. Fill the form and submit in the three different languages: Spanish, Basque and English, using the Language Selector to change the language
      8. Go to the Form administration screen
      9. Change the site language to Basque (add /eu before the /group part in the URL or change the language of your user)
      10. Next to the form F, use the â‹®menu to choose "Esportatu" (Export) option
      11. Export the form entries in CSV (click on the blue button Onartu)

      Expected behaviour

      A file with all the form entries will be generated.

      Actual behaviour

      A file with all the form entries except those created when the English locale was chosen.

      additional notes:

      I tried with other beta languages but I was unable to reproduce it.

      Reproduced in 7.2.x 4e0d9fe48e53d451aaa3d7499c2a72f26df3d62f
      Reproduced in 7.3.x @ c4ce72a0a647b248205a4c87db53a6fe6d0eacf2
      Not reproducible in master @ dacf93bbb4445d8ad33b756838662e4e243efb1b


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