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As a Experience Creator I would like to inform my unlogged user what to do when they don't have permission to see the content of a Display Page




      Display Pages Templates provide a more personalized and focused experience to display web content. Display Page Templates specify the layout and formatting for your web content and display it using a unique friendly URL. See https://learn.liferay.com/dxp/latest/en/site-building/displaying-content/using-display-page-templates/displaying-content-with-display-page-templates.html.

      If the web content is nos visible for guest users, when a non-authenticated users access the web content display page url, then a "not-found" message is shown. At this point, the guest user may assume the link is broken or the content actually does not exist. The same occurs for authenticated users, without permission to view the content.

      The goal of this story is to inform the users about what to do if they don't have permissions (e.g. login, request permission to site admin).


      Case 1: Unlogged users

      Redirection to Login Page

      When a non-authenticated users tries to access a Display Page without enough permissions to view it

      Then the user is redirected to the login page configured by the Site Admin (privileged users).


      Case 2: logged users


      Warning message

      When a user has no right to see the content of a Display Page

      Then a warning e.g. "you don't have permissions to see this page" is displayed


      UPDATE: This story has been updated to reduce its scope. Originally, an option to enable the new behavior was contemplated, with the goal to preserve the current behavior. However, after a thorough consideration with the Product Manager, we concluded that the new behavior is better (it gives a solution to the access problem, rather than simply displaying a message) and should cause no issues to existing customers. Thus, the new option would be superfluous and we discard it. 

      Test Scenarios

      Owner Test Scenarios Test Strategy Kind of test Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd ? (unit or integration) Could it be covered by POSHI?
      Echo Unlogged users without permission cannot view the content of a Display Page, and after login, they are redirected to the content page. CRITICAL Manual No No Yes
      Echo Logged users without permission cannot view the content of a Display Page HIGH Manual No Partially via permission tests Yes



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