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Asset publisher configuration: don't reopen the last opened tab across different instances



      I opened a Liferay support ticket for this (https://help.liferay.com/hc/en-us/requests/48103) and was asked to open a feature request for it.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Sign in as an administrator
      • On a widget page, add an asset publisher widget and click on Configuration in its kebab menu
      • The first tab "Asset Selection" should be displayed
      • Click on the "Display Settings" tab (the second tab)
      • Close the configuration modal
      • Click on Configuration in the kebab menu of the asset publisher again

      Expected result:

      • The first tab "Asset Selection" should be displayed

      Actual result:

      • The "Display Settings" tab is displayed

      If you now add another asset publisher and go to its configuration, the "Display Settings" tab will also be displayed.
      This is annoying for 3 reasons:

      • The settings you enter in the "Display Settings" tab are reset when you change some other settings on the "Asset Selection" tab
      • The user might not see that it landed on the "Display Settings" tab and will not fill in the information in the first tab which is more important and should be filled in first
      • The user has to click on the "Asset Selection" tab to fill in the information there.

      I think the previously opened tab was never reopened in 6.2.
      The first tab was always opened which is more common in my opinion.
      It seems a general behaviour with configuration tabs in 7.2 as I can observe it when I create widget pages too e.g.. For the first page, the first tab with the settings of the pages is opened. I then navigate to the second tab and save the settings. Then if I create another new widget page, I land directly on the second tab of the page settings. This is weird.

      I was told the current behaviour is intended. The behaviour was different with Liferay 6.2 and also Liferay 7.0. This change was added with https://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-67289, starting with Liferay 7.1., when the Form Navigator was used to display the different tab/sections of Asset Publisher's configuration.
      I would like to understand why this change was made and discuss whether one the following behaviours would be better:

      • either always open the first tab
      • either reopen the last opened tab but per asset publisher instance not across all asset publisher instances. So for new instances, always open the first tab. For each existing instance, open the last opened tab for that instance or the first tab if no tab was opened yet.





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