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As a Designer when editing a Stylebook I would like to be able to access sub-groups of styles in a simple way


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      Large Design systems like dialect DS have really big set of styles. To be able to access the token values for that type of Design System requires to optimize the space in the Style Book editor so that multiple groups of types can be shown.


      The goal of this story is to enhance the style book editor in order to support sub-group of styles.


      When editing a stylebook

      Then the styles are grouped using an additional group of level the first group appearing in the sidebar via icons.

      • Color system
      • General
      • Layout
      • Spaces
      • Typography
      • Buttons




      • Does this feature modify something already existing in the product?
      • Why is the change proposed?

      And example would be:

      Does this feature modify something already existing in the product?

      Yes, it removes the section component and replaces it with the container component. Existing section components should be replaced with two containers. One with fluid width, and an inner one with fixed width.

       Why is the change proposed?

       ** Section component is more rigid, the container  is more flexible allowing more use cases.


      During or after the kickoff, the developer would fill a third section:

      • Is an upgrade needed?


      In this section they would define the steps needed for the upgrade if necessary.

      Some example would be:

      Is an upgrade needed?

      Answer example 1: We have to create an upgrade process because the properties of the section won’t be compatible with the new container component.

      Answer example 2: No upgrade process needed since when reading the properties of the section we will swap it with the new one.

      Answer example 3: Nothing to be done, this is already backwards compatible




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